Zafari Life Nicotine pouches

The saga


Live your life. Have fun. Care, for real.

We want to have fun, and that is for real.

We believe that you only live ones, making life the most valuable asset there is.

We believe it is one´s duty to live life fully, each and every day.

We believe in people, to bring out the best of everyone. Everyone is valuable, everyone can contribute.


We will never be done because the ride is our goal.

We won´t settle for good enough, instead constantly moving looking for new ways of cutting edge.


We are here, because we love life and want to make the most of it, that includes making sure that the world will be there also for the generations to come.

We spend our lives alongside the nature making sure we don´t harm or destroy anything. We care, for real, thus we show that we care in all choices through

the journey of ZAFARI Life.


We love adventure, life is full of them, embrace them.

We dare to fail and get up on the wave – again and again. Because we love it out there.

Life is a Zafari