Slim, Tasty and Zero Tobacco

Zafari flavours comes from our lives spent in or close to the Ocean, on a surfboard or just being close to the elements. Nature is our inspiration and source of energy. We present you with all new ZAFARI Pouches shaped with innovation and the environment in focus.

Smokey Liqorice

Smokey Liqorice has a clear taste of salty licorice and where the smoky tones of salmiac together provide the saltiness in this flavor combination. The pouch, which is in mini format, is moist and tasty from the start.

Rainbow edition

Experience the instant kick of our Fresh Mint Rainbow Edition nicotine pouch. With a quick nicotine release, you get an energizing boost. We are proud to support and celebrate the HBTQ+ community. Our core values are based on inclusion, respect and diversity. Every pouch is a tasteful reminder that we celebrate differences and create a welcoming space for everyone.

Spicy Mango

Explore the thrill with our Spicy Mango nicotine pouch. With an explosive nicotine release, you get an instant kick that speeds up your senses. The cold combination of juicy mango and refreshing cold gives an exotic taste experience that takes you to new heights. Experience the passion today!

Blood Orange

Give yourself an energy boost with our Blood Orange nicotine pouches. With a quick nicotine release, you will quickly feel a refreshing effect and enjoy the intense taste of blood orange. Experience the best of both taste and nicotine with our high-quality pouches. Take control of your enjoyment today!

Fresh mint

Experience the refreshing sensation of our Fresh Mint nicotine pouch. With a lightning-fast nicotine release, you get immediate stimulation and a cooling mint flavor that makes you feel refreshed and revitalized. Take your nicotine experience to the next level with our premium pouches. Treat yourself to a fresh boost today!

Ice cold mint

Experience the feeling of Arctic freshness with our Ice Cold Mint nicotine pouch. It delivers an intense and fast nicotine release that gives you an ice-cold kick. With an icy mint flavor, each pouch becomes a refreshing pleasure. Give yourself an ice-cold nicotine experience that will take your breath away!

Sauna Tar

YOU ARE A BADASS - for living your passion, showing others the way and for being humble. This one´s for you, you fun loving bastard. SAUNA TAR is an explosion of salty tar with the sweet roar of a lion - you’re welcome!

Dessert Mint

Our Desert Mint brings a refreshing, icy rush, just like surfing the ice-cold waters of the northern sea. A Cold water stoke right under your lipp!

Carribean Guava

One of the best spots for surfing in Puerto Rico is Rincón – here you can also enjoy the fabolous Guava fruit – Ιt tastes like a combination of strawberry, pear and even mango. Taste it!

Sunset Mango

Our Sunset Mango’s harmonious, fresh and exciting flavor is the perfect lineup companion while searching for the perfect set during those tropical summer days.

Red Sea Orange

When down kite surfing in the red sea you can enjoy the taste of sun ripened oranges picked directly from the trees in sunny Egypt – Our ZAFARI Red sea orange – takes your taste buds right there.

Nicotine Pouches

Our nicotine pouches gives you an instant pleasure when you need it the most. A tast zafari with zero tobacco. ZAFARI is the new generations niccotine pouches, created to give your tastebuds a wave of enjoyment wherever you are in your lifes Zafari!



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