Zafari Life Nicotine pouches


Our bioplastic cans are environmentally
certified using
leftover pineoil from the paper industry
reducing the worldscarbon dioxide emissions.


Sauna Tar

YOU ARE A BADASS - for living your passion, showing others the way and for being humble. This one´s for you, you fun loving bastard. SAUNA TAR is an explosion of salty tar with the sweet roar of a lion - your welcome!

Strength: 4mg/ 6mg

Desert Mint

Our Desert Mint brings a refreshing, icy rush, just like surfing the ice-cold waters of the northern sea. A Cold water stoke right under your lipp!

Strength: 4mg/ 6mg/ 10mg

Carribean Guava

One of the best spots for surfing in Puerto Rico is Rincón – here you can also enjoy the fabolous Guava fruit – Ιt tastes like a combination of strawberry, pear and even mango. Taste it! 

Strength: 6mg

Breezy Citrus

With a harmonious, fresh hint of lemon, the Breezy Citrus is as obvious of a choice as hitting that first wave in the burning, afternoon sun!

Strength: 6mg

Red Sea Orange

When down kite surfing in the red sea you

can enjoy the taste of sun ripened oranges picked directly from the trees in sunny Egypt  – Our ZAFARI Red sea orange – takes your taste buds right there. 

Strength: 4mg/ 6mg/ 10mg

Sunset Mango

Our Sunset Mango’s harmonious, fresh and exciting flavor is the perfect lineup companion while searching for the perfect set during 

those tropical summer days. 

Strength: 4mg/ 6mg/ 10mg